Object of project

The main aim of the project called “Retrofitting of public buildings in the Municipality Bodzanow” is the energetic efficiency improvement of the public building and the reduction of polluting gasses emission and air pollution.

The School Complex is located in Nowe Miszewo, Commune Bodzanow, county Plock, Mazovian voivodeship included in the territory of the Vistula River Protected Landscape Area.

The main problem is connected with considerable energy loose in the building due to the fact that building does not fulfil requirements in the thermal insulation, there is lack of applying renewable energy sources. The object is warmed by oil central heating. Many technological defects cause the walls freezing, the weak insulating of barriers causes the moisture and the mouldiness, what has also negative impact on the building’s users health.

The project is expected to achieve the improvement of the energy efficiency, apart the reducing the energy loose, reducing the carbon dioxide emission and it will affect on the quality of air, the working and health conditions for persons usually exploiting the building. The value added of the investment will be increase in attraction of the village as a result of the aesthetics of the object.

For building the following standard improvements are suggested which enabling reducing the demand for the final energy: building insulation by Styrofoam and rock wool: walls, ceiling, flat roof. There is planned installation the biomass central heating.

Those actions let for achievement for following results: increased the number of thermo-insulating public buildings in the commune Bodzanow, increased renewable energy production and ecological effect – reducing polluting gasses emission. The building users, students and school’s staff are main beneficiary of this project through the betterment working and health conditions.

Supported by:
Norway Grants

Project was co-financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014